Let’s Stop Glamorizing Success

Stop Glamorizing Success

“While we see success as the one main objective or goal in life, it’s not. What matters more is the process, the learning, and the transformation we go through during its pursuit.”

We should be reminded of it often: success isn’t that sexy. At least, not as glorious as it’s considered to be.

Success is looked upon as that one shiny, ever-pleasing thing that can change one’s life forever – but it’s not.

It’s similar to any other thing aspect of work, like starting, failing, and trying again. Just another thing that comes and goes. It sure feels good to daydream about having become successful. It matters because goals are what give us the adrenaline rush to keep moving.

Clutching the wins that you always wished for is damn gratifying. But still, that’s not the main matter.

But success isn’t the only thing, it’s an outcome

You may have stepped beyond your limitations, fought your own struggles, and earned some wisdom – which is what matters more than the end result itself.

Some achievements can make you feel successful. Some don’t even count. But regardless of all that happens … in the end success isn’t the ultimate big thing.

Rather, your wins lie in other things such as your effort and dedication. Success is something that’s obvious after all the hard work you put in during the pursuit.

It’s a result that occurs after you’ve dealt with all the drudgery, pain, insecurities, doubts, patience, persistence, hope and whatnot.

The other things: hard work, journey, and the whole pursuit are what count in the end.

Then what is it that matters more than success?

Success is nothing but an outcome.

You can’t calculate your next win. You can’t predict the future. The changes always keep the uncertainty alive.

Though, you keep working on a couple of things, each day, for years. You hope that things will turn out in your favor. And when they do, you call it a success. Which means that you only control your work, not your chances of success.

The takeaway?

Let’s stop idealizing success, or perhaps, decrease the intensity with which we crave it. Because in the end, what you get doesn’t matter as much as what you worked for.

Long story short, success could be meaningful or delighting, but not necessarily glamorous. It isn’t worthy of so much attention. Not more than the actual work itself.

Is it beautiful? A lot, for sure, but because it is adorned with a lot of sweat and tears.

In the end, you expect it to arrive after the patience, learning, and the days put into practice.

So if you’re pursuing something – art, education, or a skill – then simply remember that the work you put in is always a better fuel to push yourself, as compared to any goals you set for yourself.