How to Do BIG Things in Life

How to Do Something Big in Life

“There always comes a time when life gets normal. That’s when I wish to stretch beyond my limits.”

I’ll be clear.

All of us strive to grow.

Somehow, we wish to be better at what we do, make life great, and hope for a future that’s brighter than the present.

So we start dreaming about going bigger

No matter which stage you’re at in life, you’d want to grow.

  • If you have a job, you’d want a better one.
  • If you’re happy and content, you’d still see space for some more.
  • If you’re great at something, you’d wish you could do even better.

We don’t want to stop.

After all, we’re all stuck in a journey that doesn’t end. Till the end of our lives, we remain in a never-ending pursuit of perfection and ultimate bliss.

At the same time, we want to bring the best out of ourselves to gain a sense of accomplishment and meaning. So we hope to do something BIG.

What they said about doing big things in life

If you read and get to know others’ wise words, you’d come across the following phrases or something similar.

“Dream big.”

“Do what seems impossible.”

“Aim for what seems crazy enough.”

I wouldn’t say there’s anything wrong with these. In fact, such deep wisdom helps you realize that you’ve been treating yourself as undeserving.

These views open up your mind to show how much more you can have. They push you to hustle harder and change you.

Still, there’s an easier way to do big things in life

Is it that you’re among those who shoot for the stars?


Most probably, you can achieve almost anything your work for by staying persistent. So shoot for the moon and the stars if you want to.

Though, you need to realize that most successes, achievements or signs of progress occur after a series of events. All the dots are connected. Your journey will be full of different milestones.

In such a case, the easiest way to do something big in life is to aim for the next milestone that seems hard and cross it. Once you do that, try conquering the next milestone.

Then, keep going.

There’s no stopping after that.

In short, a sensible way to do big things in life is to keep raising the bar to push yourself beyond your limits. From there you can move even further.

Here are some simple examples for instance.

  • If you run one mile a week, try running one and a half mile.
  • If you write 500 words an hour, aim for 750 words an hour.
  • If you’re getting eighty marks, aim for eighty-five.

It’s simple.

Raise the bar.

When you set goals which don’t demand you to instantly do what’s impossible, your self-belief strengthens.

In your heart, you come to know that you’re capable of becoming better than you are. You understand that there’s no big secret to doing bigger things in life.

The next time of think of doing something big in life, feel free to go at your own pace. Choose a milestone that appears hard, and work to cross it. Then set another milestone. Soon, you’ll find yourself doing bigger things than those you were once doing.