Can You Succeed Without Making Sacrifices?

Success and Sacrifices

I have already lost a lot each time I tried to gain something. I’m prepared to lose more.

I lost my sleep over this thought.

This seemed unfair to me.

“You can’t succeed without losing something,” I was told. I didn’t want to agree.

“Why do I have to lose something to gain what I have to?” I’d hate losing what I have for what I want to have. Any sane human would.

But that’s how it works

You cannot have everything.

It’s not that you cannot have the happiness you want – but you always lose something.

Life’s picky.

It never gives you everything you want at once. It only gives you choices. It has a rule. “Choose what you want to gain. Choose what you want to lose.” It says.

We’re all losers

The moment you gain something, you lose something.

The puzzle is always has a missing piece. You can’t have it all. The quest to success can make your heart ache and give you a lump in your throat.

Can you succeed without making sacrifices?

I hope you want me to be honest. I’ll say the truth, regardless.


You can’t.

You always lose something.

Become famous and you need to hide wearing black goggles to avoid the cameras – your privacy is lost.

Decide to play a guitar and you’d ruin your fingers. It’s painful, I’ve heard.

Write a posts like this one, for years. You’d feel lonely and maybe, wish to get a better chair.

Perform on stage. It improves you. But you’d feel like a fool once you lose your respect in public.

Work hard at office. Stay overtime. Get more money. You won’t have time to be with your kids.

My friend spends hours staring at his laptop, programming. He’s brilliant. He’s missed several beautiful days, though.

It’s bitter

Sorry if what I said didn’t sound right.

But I didn’t want to deceive you.

Just a reminder – success takes something away from you, always. You’ll have to put in blood, sweat and tears. Or whatever it takes.

You’ll lose.


There’s a brighter side to this.

You can decide what you want to lose. Or what you want to have.

Life gives you options.

You can choose your pill; choose wisely.

Even if you don’t, avoid having regrets and accept your choices. Move on. The path to success is a weary, lonely, and thorny. Even if not, it takes some toll.

Can you succeed without making sacrifices? Correct me, I may be wrong. Leave a comment.