The Struggle of Overcoming Creative Resistance

Until we create enough amount of work, overcoming the pull of our insecurities and limitations appears tough.

In fact, people don’t realize their potential for a long time since they’re plagued by inner resistance.  

Hence, it takes them longer to be able to effortlessly ship more and reveal their real selves without hesitation.

Self-belief isn’t easy when you’re starting at zero.

The initial creative phase can be complicated

That’s because you may do a lot of work and yet all of it might resemble trash.

Then begins a journey of overcoming a plethora of unseen struggles in the background.

Although not apparent, we’re worried about making a fool of ourselves and feel scared to share our thoughts publicly.  

And each day we bear with being mediocre and invisible, until we reach a phase when we finally achieve an escape velocity and free ourselves from our mental shackles.

After that…we set our foot in.

And the way still lies ahead.

What then?

Most creators require at least a year to get used to what they do and reach an “average” position.

And their true potential starts building up after they make peace with themselves, commit to their craft, and break free from thier discouraging thoughts.

If you’re stuck in a phase where you constantly judging yourself but also can’t let go of your craft, then keep making marginal improvements.

Wait for your moment.

Once you build your momentum, it gets easier, just like how a rocket reaches a certain velocity and sets itself free from the earth’s gravitational pull.