9 Important Things You Should Not Ignore in Life

What You Should Not Ignore in Life

“I can’t focus on every bit of life. It’s not a math equation (I’m not great at math, anyway). But I know what I shouldn’t ignore.”

I hear voices that echo and guide me from within. When I ignore them, I feel astray. So I try to listen to my heart, soul, conscience or whatever is inside of me.

Practically, all of us are born with an inner-compass which leads us towards what really matters in life. At the core of our hearts we know what’s important.

Though, most of our problems, mental well-being, and other aspects of life become disorderly when we turn a blind to those important things. That’s when we feel lost, sad and lonely.

If you remain a little careful and pay attention to how you react to certain things in life, you’d also be able to fix them.

Here are some simple yet important things you shouldn’t ignore in life

1. Emotions

How do you feel? Anxious, happy, lost? Listen and you’d reveal all the reasons which bother you at the core of your emotions.

Whether you’re in an unstable relationship or a financial insecurity, your emotions won’t lie to you. They tell you your story, help you grasp it, and put you back on the track.

They also tell what you makes you happy or disheartened. That may not be enough to heal all the pains, but it gets you started, which matter a lot.

2. Instincts

The hunches and gut feelings you experience can guide you to what you want, even when you don’t know what it is.

The thing is, we’re all sort of bad at making purely rational decisions. Sometimes, we don’t even know what we want, but we do have a blurred idea about it.

Your instincts mix and use all your experiences and direct you towards what seems ideal. Most of the time, your instincts wouldn’t lie.

3. Responsibilities

At every point in life, you know what you’re supposed to do. Perhaps, not exactly, but you can sense your responsibilities, flaws and the overall big picture you wish to create.

During such time, you cannot afford to make excuses, ask for sympathy, feel entitled, or do anything that doesn’t help you actually grow.

It’s when you’re supposed to roll your sleeves and get prepared to play your part – because no one else is going to do that for you.

4. Problems

Problems can be overwhelming and disheartening. You’d want to scrap them and never see them again. However, problems are also what makes you grow.

You can’t just sit there, close your eyes and pretend like you don’t know what’s happening so you can act like a poor victim later. That doesn’t work, because there’s only one way to eliminate them – solving them.

If you ignore problems for too long, they either pile up or keep following you until they blend into a bigger one. So cut them from your life, one by one, and be at ease.

5. Mistakes

Your regrets, bad decisions or faults may seem like blemishes on your sparkling life. But as long as you’ve learned some lessons from them, they’ve been worth the discomfort.

You remain coward or timid as long as you avoid blaming yourself and don’t admit your mistakes. But when you do, you take a step towards studying your past and learn your lessons.

It’s okay to feel you could’ve done better, but make sure you move on and prepare to do better next time. That makes sense.

6. Relationships

Chase money, sacrifice sleep and get everything you ever wanted. Yet, you’d feel some sort of blankness.

The fact is, there’s no alternative to meaningful relationships in life. Life’s more about simple joys than the big plans we daydream about and sweat for.

If you let your relationships slip away or take them for granted, you need to rethink what you’re doing.

No one can be too busy for their loved ones. Send texts to your spouse, take your daughter to the park, and call your mother.

7. Health

It’s the part I’ve neglected the most in the past few years. Now that I ponder about it, I think I could’ve done something.

It happened only recently that I started to observe how worse it can be. Everyone’s complaining about the sedentary lifestyle, back pain, and fat bellies.

You may not have time to hit the gym or the stamina to run five miles, but you can set aside about 15 minutes and move your body a bit. I’ve been taking little steps like going for walk and spending lesser time with screens, and that seems to work.

8. Opportunities

The world has plenty of opportunities for you, especially when you’re deserving. Life presents you enough chances to prove your capabilities.

Though, what matters ultimately is how you treat the opportunities you find along your way. There would be small and large tasks, but respect each one, as it allows you to show up.

You never know which door may lead you to the destination you’ve been seeking. Be humble and sincere towards whatever you do.

9. Yourself

You may not even notice and leave yourself behind, as you continue worrying about other things. You push yourself into the background of your own life.

Soon, you get used to self-denial, ignore yourself, and lose your own sense of self-worth. It happens when you don’t pay attention to yourself for a long time and suddenly reflect to understand the significance of your own existence.

When that happens, don’t try hard to measure the depth of your existence but simply be kind to yourself. Pick yourself up, find and do what you’ve been wishing for, and actually start living the beautiful life you dreamed about.

A quick question for you

What is it that we need to pay more attention to in life? What according to you matters the most? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.