Unfavorably Surrounded By Familiarity

I’m surrounded by things that I know and love. But that’s also a problem as it limits my outlook on the world.

It shrinks me in a bubble.

That makes me want to stay cautious

About what?

To not become too entangled in my own head.

Each day I’m moving in circles, observing stuff that I’ve chosen for myself, whether it’s through YouTube videos or the books that I read.

It’s the same for others, too.

Don’t we live in our own tiny bubbles?

It’s obvious that remaining in an unchanging environment, exposing ourselves to surroundings selectively, and limiting our window creates barriers between us and the world.

Due to this, we end up working in similar patterns, underestimate the potential of randomness, and prevent ourselves from exploring a spectrum of unfamiliar things that could be better than what we currently know.

I realize that needs a fix.

I’ve been trying to stay open

Open to listening, understanding before making opinions, and exploring perspectives that I haven’t yet come across.

I’m not trying to turn into an extremely agreeable person – but I believe it’s easier to discover sensible opinions when we’re simply aware of the stuff … that’s different.

This practice helps

Shaping your outlook can help you improve how you assess people, how you react to the world, and help you find potential opportunities for betterment.

Overall, you can curiously explore the side of the world that you haven’t witnessed.

You’ll find something precious, you’ll figure what’s overhyped, but above all, you’ll know what you hadn’t known.