When We Get Better

Do certain definitive milestones or events transform us, or do we thrive anyway?

When we take a broader look at all that we do – it gets tempting to classify our actions as productive ones and trivial ones.

We try to do more of what has been beneficial to our growth and leave what didn’t seem to matter.

Now, that may work or not work.

After all, the bad stuff has its own role to play in taking us forward.

But honestly, when do we really get better?

I believe everything that we go through plays a part in who we become, all the good and the rough circumstances.

For instance, you might have felt appreciated when somebody recognized your work. But its equally helpful to go through something lightly embarrassing in order to know what you lack.

Personally, I think about it in terms of my writing

I can recall being a pathetic writer – but I’ve come far enough from where I used to be.

So, when did I improve?

  • Did I improve when I was hoping to guest post on random sites?
  • Did I improve when I didn’t share my pathetic posts but continued to write more?
  • Did I improve when I scribbled random junk in my notebooks, unable to turn my thoughts into words?

Maybe all of that worked.

I don’t remember the exact things that favored me. But I remember reflecting once in a while, attentively figuring what I could do, and raising the bar once I got somewhere.

That’s it, concisely.

That’s the story of how we improve, by going through a lot, experiencing stuff, and finding our way out. By adapting and changing ourselves in the process.

I’m still doing it

I’m doing the work and the work shows me what I’m becoming. So, I work even more to see what I can become.