Why Did It Feel Good Then?

We occasionally visit our past through various means, like the music that we listened to, the taste of food, or a certain aura that reminds us of our old home.

It feels sweet to recall those things and to relive the past that soothes and calms your heart.

You can feel at ease while you’re in the company of those blurred memories – and it relieves you and washes the present troubles.

But there’s a mystery to it, why does revisiting the past feel good?

I’m assuming it’s in the nostalgia, and the way we trick ourselves, to escape from our current troubles dive into a world that’s either lost or may not even happen again.

When we revisit the past, we imagine the times that were pleasant, we meet the people who were alive, we go back to being what we were proud of.

And when we open our eyes, that mirage ends, reminding us that life not the same anymore and probably never will be.

But we still don’t mind carrying this treasure of emotions in our hearts, we aren’t afraid, and we move on anyway.

Yet, I also feel like asking myself why it felt good then, and what has changed now that needs to be fixed?

But then I figure that I’m too busy for such questions, shake-off this seed of thought, and keep walking. That’s my excuse to get over what can’t be changed.