The Most Worthy Way to Live Life on Your Own Terms and Achieve Freedom

The Most Worthy Way to Live Life on Your Own Terms and Achieve FreedomLife’s good, in spite of all its flaws. I have no complaints about it. That’s what I’ve taught myself, or would ask anyone to do – to appreciate it the way it is and welcoming it with open arms and a nice smile on the lips.

This attitude probably doesn’t solve all the problems, yet, it makes life easier. However, things don’t always work the way we want.

Although you can find a handful reasons to be happy each day, the external world holds a grip over you. Your happiness isn’t only dependent on you but also the world you grow up and live in.

As you get used to it, you become trapped in some invisible rules and become a puppet of the society. People and the little habits we teach yourself while trying to fit in the rest of the world start overpowering you.

It makes your life harder than it is.

When you’re being controlled

The world is often a suffocating place.

Each day you’re controlled by yourself and what doesn’t let you live freely – this makes you realize that you’re aren’t as free as you think you are.

If you can admit it then you’re brave. Most people don’t like saying it. They rather justify their situation instead of mentioning it.

Being controlled and dependent on external factors instead of yourself is what prevents you from living your life on your own terms.

We all have thousands of strings attached to us which restrain us. If we succeed in getting rid of them, we set ourselves free.

This is what prevents you from living life on your own terms

Being dependent.

The more you depend on other people of things, the weaker you find yourself. Your self-esteem turns fragile and you begin to think of yourself as helpless.

This is the only reason you must know why you may sometimes feel like you can control nothing or that you have no strength to change the circumstances.

You depend on your parents for your living when you’re a child. You depend on your milkman to get your morning tea. You depend on your best-friend for sharing stories. You depend on your boss to get paid. You depend on those you cannot live without.

You’re just dependent, like everyone else, in some way or the other way. This prevents you from living your life on your own terms.

No, it’s not about the people you’re dependent on but rather the things, situations and anything which forms a part of your life that you cannot live without.

The only way to live your life on your own terms

Be less dependent.

That’s the only way to live your life on your own terms.

There comes time when you have to realize your own worth, take a stand for yourself and give up on what controls you.

You realize that you can rather lead an ordinary life if necessary but cannot afford to chase gains in life at the cost of your own self-worth. It only makes you hate yourself.

  • You know what freedom is when you buy your own home because you don’t need to be dependent on your landlord anymore. You own it.
  • When you get your first job, you feel a presence of self-esteem because that makes you understand that you can take care of yourself.
  • If you learn to do something on your own and don’t need to beg someone for help, you come to know that you’re capable enough of doing things for yourself.

Being depend is one of the worst things in life; it entraps you against your will.

It’s like being someone disabled who needs to rely on others for doing tiny chores. It’s like being a child who can only cry and yet not feed himself when he’s hungry. It’s like being a tree which withers and dies when it doesn’t rain and no one waters it.

You feel helpless, weak and tied when you’re dependent, because you actually are.

When you stop being dependent and find ways to slowly get rid of the strings which hold you back, happiness comes to you because you realize that you’re powerful. And less dependent.

You find out that you’re capable of making your life better on your own.

So if you wish to live your life on your own terms then try loosening the grip of what controls you and escape your dependencies each day.

Sometimes, it’s a good thing to be dependent

You cannot always be on your own.

You’re a human. You need others to be with you to be happy, to succeed and to spend your life with.

It’s hard to make life worthy when you become skeptical about everyone else due to your fear of being betrayed. Not relying on others might keep you from learning some important lessons in life.

Often, it’s better to surrender yourself to the people you care about and allow yourself to be dependent on them. Friendships, relationships and every honest bond in this world exists because of the trust which we give others freely. That makes life easier.

When you depend on the ones you care about and believe in, it’s beautiful.

And do this

Let go.

Perhaps it’s one of the best advice for you if you wish to achieve freedom in life.

People only regret and hate themselves when they hold on to the wrong things even when it brings pains and hardships to them. They curse the society when it suppresses them.

Look around yourself and you’ll know that achieving freedom in life is an act of letting go and abandoning the wrong things in life.

Revolutions begin when government tries to overpower people and the people protest back to throw it away.

The poor often hail the rich because the rich give them their food. They fear to let go. But they too don’t tolerate it forever.

That’s how the world works. If you wish to escape what controls you, find a way to set yourself free, or you stay trapped. You know what needs to be changed if you know what suffocates you.

Start there – change what you think needs to be changed.

  • Clear your debts before buying any luxuries to be financially free. 
  • Avoid staying with those who undervalue you to be able to restore your self-respect.
  • Leave the company of those who use you to lessen the uselessness in your life.
  • Quit the job where no one respects you or recognizes your value.

You create more space for right things in life when you abandon what you need to get rid of. Or at least, your set yourself free from what keeps you trapped. 

A better way to live

Each day, try to release what holds you back and work on gaining more freedom in your life.

Adapt to interdependence in your life so that your presence has some meaning in others’ lives and do as much as you can. To be less dependent is to breathe. It means to own yourself.

Decide to become powerful each day. Give up your dependencies, even if slowly. Ultimately, it takes you towards the brighter side of life where you can have the freedom you want.

  • If you want to travel and don’t have enough money, then gather some money until you can take the trip you want.
  • If there’s something you need to depend on others to get done, learn it yourself so that you can do more work by yourself.
  • If you have to rely on others for your progress, then quit their help slowly until you become self-reliable.
  • If you need ask your neighbor for a lift each day, then gather some money until you can buy your own car.

Rise with a hope of challenging your dependencies and get rid of them. Finish what bothers you each day and set yourself free. 

It means a lot. You’ll be a lot happier if you do that. Every small deed matters when you’re trying to do away with what holds you back in life.

And here’s a simple way to achieve freedom in life

You can only be free when you allow others to be free.

You cannot ask people to feel the same way you feel about them. Asking is like pushing them do what they wouldn’t naturally do for you.

Let them be free. Settle with what you can give. Take pride in what you do. Play your part of the story and leave the rest.

The more you try to control things to lessen your dependencies, the more they entrap you, because that only makes you realize that you are feeble and cannot control everything.

Be careless. Be free. Accept circumstances and people the way they are. You don’t need to make everything right. Just accept things the way happen in your life, with open arms…and a nice smile on the face.

What do you think matters the most when you want to live your life on your own terms and achieve freedom in life? I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment.