12 Natural Qualities of Real Life Cool People

12 Natural Qualities of Real Life Cool People

“We’re living in a time where everyone is trying to stand out of the crowd, and yet, tries hard to be noticed by the same crowd.”

People try all that they can to gain some attention.

They purchase the priciest thing with a shiny label on it, they do things other people cannot do to show their giftedness, they change themselves for the sake of impressing others, and sometimes they even give up their own identity.

Some people have other ways, too. They act like movie stars and flaunt all that they’ve got. They try really hard. They want to be cool, but they only mislead themselves.

Perhaps, they’re deceived by their own thoughts.

But then, what does it even mean to be a cool person?

What being cool means

We’re all fundamentally the same. Ordinary people who expect simple things such as respect, love, and appreciation.

We adore the ones who treat us fair and we spend more time with them. The people who make us feel special become an inseparable part of our lives. In return, we treat them similarly.

We don’t mind the flaws of the ones we love. Neither do we try to change them. All we do is plainly accept them the way they are.

The fact is, no matter how rich you are, how better you look than others, or how powerful your presence is – if you’re fake and cannot put a smile on others’ face, there’s no use to what you own.

So who is really cool? Overall, the ones whom we adore and have a regard for, are cool.

The only thing which defines real-life cool people

There’s only one quality which separates what we call cool people from the rest – they aren’t defined by what they have but rather by what they are.

For instance, sometimes I look at my mentors or idols and I wish I could be like them. But that isn’t because of what they own. I genuinely have a regard for them. There’s something that makes them stand out. That’s how all cool people are. What they do, think, or talk about is all a part of their identity.

A simple trick to find out who is cool

Have you ever observed someone and thought “Wow! This person is fantastic. I want to be like him.”

That’s the way you think about cool people. You want to be like them. You wish to absorb all their good qualities like a sponge. In short, cool people are those whom you want to be like.

However, the people who you think are cool might be ordinary to some others. And those whom you see as normal may be heroes to someone else.

So how can you find out who is really cool? Observe people. If they many of the eleven qualities listed below, or even a few of them, then chances are that they’re cool.

If you can inculcate these eleven qualities in yourself, then you too can be the cool person you want to be.

1. They stay relaxed even during the hardest times

The people who inspire others are equally exposed to pressure as anyone else.

Yet, they don’t stress out.

They understand the significance of staying under control when circumstances force them to burn out. They also know that the situation might worsen otherwise.

So they relax.

They don’t get plagued by problems and rather focus on finding solutions instead of getting horrified. Although others think that they’ve got nothing to worry about, they’re actually hiding their problems instead of crying them out or complaining about them.

Cool people always deal with problems this way.

They come up with solutions.

2. They simplify things

Those who inspire others are innovative as well as keen on simplifying work.

They don’t believe in laboring hard without a purpose, and they use their time and resources productively. Doing hard tasks simply using their smarts is their strength. They’re creative and keep looking out for new ideas.

When others look at how easy they make everything look, they respect them.

3. They inspire others

What makes you want to be like your idols? They inspire you.

They bring out the best in you by showing trust in your potential and encourage you not only with their words but also with their actions.

They strive to take you at a greater level. Real life cool people always believe in enhancing the potential others have by leading them.

They don’t see a competition. Instead, they just keep hoping that everyone prospers. They help others rise by inspiring them.

4. They’re flawless at what they do

When it comes to the working abilities of these cool people, they’re incredible.

They know their business well and are usually the gods in their arenas.

They don’t let anyone remind them of their business since they’re always hell-bent on learning and improving themselves.

They might suck at other activities sometimes, but the skills which they master are unquestionable. They always nail what they do. They’re the infallible masters.

They may not necessarily be perfect, but they give their best. Always. That’s what separates them from the rest.

5. They don’t care about others’ opinions

All thought leaders are rebels by nature. They don’t care about the authority as long as they’re right.

They keep doing their good work without getting affected by the criticism or praises.

What matters the most to them is working hard and going on regardless of what others think of them.

They don’t let anything interfere in the path to their dreams. If they did, then they wouldn’t be doing what others often fail to do.

6. They know the art of influence

When you think they’ll just talk, they make you wonder in awe. That’s how cool people are. They create an aura around themselves.

They choose wise words which pierce your mind, they make you tumble with their humor and tell stories which touch your heart.

They might not always talk or be social, but when they are, they win over hearts.

They can almost step inside your mind while sharing and make even the simplest of things look wonderful. Real life cool people know how to express themselves and create a touch that lasts.

7. They’re humble

To them, all are equal and they treat everyone fair.

They smile at the inferiors, don’t make anyone feel timid, and they don’t boast.

To them, simplicity is a virtue. They stay connected to their roots and have a mindset which wishes for the welfare of all.

Humility is what makes them lovable to others. The more they achieve, the more they understand the value of struggles, victories and the presence of others.

8. They work hard

When people are loyal to their work, you want to be like them.

The person who sweats hard and works passionately for his dreams is always attractive.

A hard worker always inspires others to work hard and makes them want to chase their dreams.

When you see someone who works hard, you find his dedication to his job cool, and then, you wish to be like one. Real life cool people are the ones who have fun doing their work and treat it like play.

They don’t hate what they do, unlike most people.

Their joy lies in grinding harder and getting better each day.

9. They help others

The people who rise to the top from nowhere and taste success also understand the role of a few helping hands.

In the time of uncertainty, one genuine attempt of help can prevent dreams from withering and save someone’s hope.

So, the cool people try their best to be of any help they can.

They help others, keep the optimism alive, and also save the fragile belief that the world is still a good place. They donate, they serve people with their work, and they perform tiny deeds of kindness each day.

10. They’re honest

The people who inspire others are honest and speak their heart out.

They prefer saying the truth over misleading or lying, and neither do they trick people to take their advantage or use them for their own motives.

They don’t conceal enmity and pretend to be good. Rather, they express what they feel, however blatant, and resolve the issues they have with others. Their actions are as transparent as a crystal and their words are truthful.

When you’re with them, you don’t need to find out their character – they show it to you by being honest.

11. They put others first

Like everyone else, they too think about themselves, but they put others first.

In every action they take, they also think about the welfare of others and don’t do anything which would harm someone.

For the people they love, they make sacrifices and do all that they can. They become a shield to the weak and a servant to the helpless.

In the course of putting others first, they might fall back often, but they don’t leave themselves behind. The good things they do end up making them better humans and give them a lasting satisfaction.

To them, it’s their cool thing.

12. They speak the language of love

The people whom we adore and wish to be like are as ordinary as everyone else. The only thing which separates them from the rest is that they seek the good in others.

Sometimes, they make us wonder and think “How can someone be so kind!”

Also, they’re sincere to their dreams, loyal to whom they care about and faithful to themselves. Everything they do is a manifestation of their love. Whether it be their love for their work, for their people, or for themselves.

They inspire all the beauty which is hidden in others, and that’s the only reason why we wish to be like them. They make us believe that we too can be as worthy as they are.

What makes people cool according to you?

There’s something about the people whom you see as cool. Although they might not be the best or popular, you still have a deep regard for them.

I would love to hear from you your own definition of cool people. Like, what kind of people do you find cool and inspiring? Please leave a comment.