How to Find Your Passion in Life (The Easy Way)

Find Your Passion in Life

There seem to be tons of talks about finding passion the internet; I agree with them. Not all, but some of them. If you can find something you love doing in life then you can be happier. It makes sense to me.

Here’s something I’m telling for the first time because I never had the courage to admit it – writing is my passion and love doing it.

I made a commitment to myself the day I realized it – I’ll write till I die. I never told this to anyone else but myself.

When you find your passion, you don’t need to tell others. You listen to your feelings, you start and you work hard. I did this in silence because I felt insecure and timid while talking about my passion. I still am. So mostly, I keep the things I do to myself and don’t let those insecurities cease me.

If you don’t believe me, come to me when I grow old. Chances are, this blog might exist or not or I might not have sold many books and would barely have a handful of fans – but you’ll find me writing. I’ll be writing for myself if there would be no one read.

The first time I wrote something was seven years ago – a poem. No one read it.

I’ve been writing on a regular for more than 2 years, and believe me, it still feels as much delighting as it felt when I started. It feels even more delighting when I say more than 2 years. I don’t get bored.

And I wish the same for everyone else. I wish everyone had a passion in their life.

Having a passion in life matters


It matters.

The earth won’t suddenly resemble a heaven to you if you find your passion and start working on it, yet, you’ll become a lot more content with your life. At least you’ll be aware of one reason for which you exist. You’ll wake up with a purpose each day – and that’s priceless!

To be honest, passion isn’t the only secret key to happiness. It’s not the end of your search for happiness. Yet, once you find your passion, it stays with you throughout your journey of life and becomes a source of happiness which never disappears.

Your passion defines you. It becomes an inseparable part of you. It gets mixed-up in your identity the moment you become honest about it. And the more you work on it, the more you learn to love yourself.

It gives you a meaning.

What if you never find your passion?

Don’t panic.

Most people seem to be too worried about it. If you’re among them, you don’t have to be.

The way they feel about passion is worrisome. They feel like their life has no meaning if they don’t have a passion. They see a blankness as if they’ve not found a piece of a puzzle which could’ve made their life… perfect!

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Or at least, not this serious.

The truth is, life has its own ways of working, and in the end, it always gets you to where you belong if you try to get there. Ultimately everything falls into place. But for that to happen, you need to know where you wish to reach.

That’s the difficult part.

It’s hard to figure out what you want

Thinking about what you want can alone turn you into a maniac. You might even start seeing your whole life as something futile the moment you know that you still haven’t found out what you want.

Finding a passion takes time. Every person has his own time of self-realization. Some find their passion in their coloring book while they’re in kindergarten, some find it in a science lab when their hair turns grey. There’s no right time.

Yet, no one dies without knowing his passion. Somewhat.

Although people don’t notice this, sometimes they’ve already found their passion. They unconsciously fall in love with what they do – they don’t need to think about their passion. Their passion comes to them while they’re busy with life, which I believe, is a beautiful thing.

So if you’re worried about finding your passion and wish to discover your strengths, then start thinking. That’s where the journey begins. Before you do anything else, you need to sow the seed of belief in your heart and convince yourself that you’re prepared to give it what it takes.

Think about what inspires you and what makes you happy. Also, think about all the possible options which excite you. You’ll gain a clarity about passion later, but before that, just think.

A truth I’m trying to avoid telling you but I don’t want to

Having dreams, intentions of changing the world, a desire to inspire others – all these things are a part of what we call success. It’s a bundle of hard-work, persistence and…yes, a passion.

Without passion, all your efforts might seem tasteless. It’s the string which ties every element of success together. If you don’t have a passion for something then chances are, you won’t be that great at what you do.

I’m no expert at such things, but that’s how it has worked for me. When I look at what my life was a few years ago, I feel like I have wasted a lot of it.

I wish I knew earlier what I know now. Having a passion changes everything. It gives you a new perspective along with the power to defend your dreams and an ability to go on in spite of all the odds.

A few years back it was rare that people talked about finding a passion, following dreams and other stuff. These buzzwords are far common nowadays. Yet, even in the old time, people knew what they were doing. They worked with a purpose and tried to mold their life such that they could do what they love.

People were aware of their passion although they didn’t talk about it.

What do you think made Thomas Edison slog in his lab all day or made Beethoven create music despite his being deaf? Undoubtedly, passion.

Passion is the fuel which makes people do the wonders which they think they aren’t capable of doing. If you don’t have it, you miss out getting a huge bite of happiness from life.

So what’s the simplest way to find your passion in life?

Firstly, I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you with my words.

Before you read further, I wish to tell you something – take it easy. We all go through our own journey and life works differently for all of us.

It’s alright if you haven’t found your passion yet. Someday you will. It might happen soon. If you already have a passion then I feel happy for you. If you haven’t, then hey, you better don’t overthink it. Alright?

Now coming back to the point – what’s the simplest way to find passion in life?

Listen to your intentions.

Most of us don’t really know in the beginning about what is it that we wish to do. I didn’t. No one gets up suddenly on a random day saying “I want to be a footballer!”

We all go through a phase in which we have to spend time thinking and reflecting on our lives to understand what our heart is signaling us to do. During that stage we’re unsure and yet determined to do something. Although we don’t know what – we form an intention.

After that, we prepare ourselves to face whatever might come on our way – limitations or some unpleasant truths. Doesn’t matter. The first step towards finding your passion is to understand what you wish to do. The change you wish to bring or the things you want to do.

For instance, I didn’t want to become a writer. I think of myself as a thinker, philosopher, and storyteller before a writer. My only wish was to share my thoughts and stories with the rest of the world as I feel suffocated when I don’t express myself. So I chose writing as a means to do all those things at once.

When I write, I’m doing nothing more than fulfilling my intentions of expressing myself. With every word I type, I feel like I’ve set something free which was concealed within me. I share.

Everything begins with your intentions. When you connect the dots in your life and find a way to manifest your intentions into a reality, you find your passion.

Creating a plan, starting, working hard, and finding your strength – all this can be done later. For now, concentrate on your intentions.

Where does the journey to chasing dreams begin - Vishal Ostwal Quotes

It works

Look around, all people have different passions. There are artists, scientists, entrepreneurs and social workers. Where do you think they got the ideas to become who they are?

To be clear, they already knew the answer. Perhaps, not fully, but they all were able to see a blurred picture of themselves doing what they love.

What you must know is that we all have our strengths, wishes, interests, and dreams. So when you try finding your passion, the above factors work altogether and push you.

The clearer your thoughts become about what you want, the easier it becomes for you to figure out what you should be doing with your life. After that, you’re ready to embark on your journey to your dreams.

  • Artists become artists because they love their art and prefer expressing themselves through their creations to the world.
  • Scientists, programmers, and mathematicians love innovating and that’s why they can spend their time so easily doing what others find difficult.
  • Social workers and philanthropists selflessly strive for a change because they have an underlying intention of turning the world into a better place.

Finding your passion isn’t as much about gaining what you want to or becoming what you want to be, as much as it is about doing what you want to do.

And remember, it all starts with those little intentions in your head.

Let them make you restless and take away your sleep because the moment you’ll find your passion, you’ll be at peace and have an opportunity to create the future you think for yourself.


The search for finding a passion begins with the impulses and intentions inside your head which keep reminding you of what’s right for you.

They direct you towards the right ways and help you find your passion. Pay heed to how you feel about something – chances are, it might be your passion asking for your attention.

Here’s a quick question for you

Have you found your passion yet?

Or is there something you love doing? What according to you is the simplest way to find a passion in life?

I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.