Make Life Better: 49 Ways Which Always Work

Make Life Better

“Even when my heart is filled with contentment, I can sense a space for betterment in life. I’m trying to use that space.”

Every once in a while you may hit a wall.

You may get satisfied with life and won’t ask for anything, anymore. But somewhere inside, that won’t feel alright.

As if you aren’t using your potential, and you need to grow. It’s not that you aren’t great or life’s bad, but you feel that you’re supposed to grow.

I know it in my heart, too.

I can sense it when I reach a certain stage of satisfaction after which I slow down, slouch and I don’t pay attention to getting better – because life seems good. And only a fool would want to change a life that’s already good.

So I focused on something else – growing from wherever I am. 

Honestly, I don’t set big goals and then get hell-bent on making them a reality. Instead, I find ways to grow from wherever I am.

That works, because I can take small steps, accomplish a handful of things I can feel good about, and then raise the bar. Then the cycle repeats itself.

At the same time, I don’t want to improve only a few aspects of life and neglect others, so I’ve simply made this list trying to cover what really matters.

Here are some quick ways to make life better than it is

1. Take up a small task you think you cannot do

Talk to a stranger. Touch your toes. Do 50 push-ups. Do anything you thought you couldn’t do and pay attention to the feeling you get after doing it.

2. Stay away from the wrong people

Move away from bullies, jealous leg-pullers, or from those who are unfair to you. You don’t need to bear any pain or hurt you don’t deserve. Get rid of the negativity.

3. Choose to learn better stuff

It’s probably the smallest yet meaningful act which can favor your growth. Learn computer shortcuts, or psychology, or singing. Learn anything that contributes to your betterment.

4. Take a small step out of your comfort zone

Any step, no matter how small. Maybe, start with taking a bath with cold water, waking up early once, or living without your cell phone for some hours. Give it a try.

5. Mind your tongue for a while

The next time you’re engaged in a talk, speak less. Reflect on your words and resist the urge to talk immediately. See if that makes a difference.

6. Wear a big smile

The purpose is simple – people will love you, you’d communicate better, and scientifically … you get happier even when you’re faking a smile.

7. Prepare lots of lists

It helps in organizing your life. Groceries, goals, milestones, and almost anything. Jot them down to make staying on track easier.

8. Accept yourself

Stop bombarding yourself with the “I should be better” kind of expectations. Get rid of all those self-deprecating thoughts. Simply accept yourself in the first place.

9. Stop wanting others’ life and stuff

Ignore the content on Instagram and Facebook, if you feel bad. Don’t crave or fantasize for someone else’s life. Once you give up that dissatisfaction, you won’t feel poorer or think that your life sucks.

10. Stop waiting for the good times

A perfect life could merely be an illusion that you use to find an escape from the reality. This is the moment, whatever it is, in which you can live. You can make it perfect if you want to.

11. Resolve the issues you have with others

Talk to others, express your hurt, and let go your grudges. Resolve it all, because you deserve peace.

12. Apologize

For how long will you cover your faults? If you’ve lost relationships by remaining stubborn, then it’s time to fix some issues. Apologizing won’t take much, except a phone call or an understanding conversation.

13. Forgive

Not for others, but yourself. The more you grieve your losses and betrayals, the harder life gets. It has to end someday, and that day begins after you decide to forgive.

14. Express your love

How long would you hide it? When will you express it? There’s no right time. Just let everyone you love know that you love them, and embrace the warm feelings you get in return.

15. Admit the mistakes you’ve been avoiding

Financial responsibilities, daily chores, or your own attitude. You need to deal with it all. Because unless you don’t, your life doesn’t get any better.

16. Take responsibility and fix the broken parts of life

You know in your heart why things aren’t working for you, right? It’s time on work on them. It’s time to start somewhere to find a solution for the mess that you create.

17. Understand what makes you restless

Find the parts of life that make you uneasy, mend them, and take a step towards clarity. You need peace, and you can only achieve that by fixing the bad parts.

18. Get rid of your cellphone and gadgets for a while

Even if you’re using gadgets for work, take a break. Abandon them and live a normal life that’s less dependent on technology for some time.

19. Step out of your house, and don’t do much

Gaze at the sky, birds, or neighborhood. Sit there and watch, like an outsider. Do anything you want, or don’t do much.

20. Find the ones who make you happy and stay with them

Life’s short. It doesn’t need to be complicated further. Feel the warmth of love that you’re already having. It’s more than enough.

21. Change the way you speak to be humble and kind

We’re all harsh and we make blunders. Yet, a lot of stress can be prevented by remaining modest and sweet to people.

22. Learn what’s crucial but you don’t know

There’s always something you need to learn but don’t – such as, art or better communication skills. Whatever it may be, put some effort in learning it.

23. Read the books that make you better

Books may give you a new perspective and change the way you think, only for better. Grab some and read them, if that works for you.

24. Don’t do what harms your health

You don’t need to run five miles – just stop doing what may harm your health. Stretch after you sit, smoke less (if you do), and avoid … well, anything that’s not good for your body.

25. Recall one, or maybe two things that made you happy

The point is that you’ve always got a handful of reasons to feel happy and grateful for. Life doesn’t totally suck, you see.

26. Be on your own side

Which means, don’t doubt your self-esteem or potential. Believe that you’re good enough, and that you’re worthy of respect and happiness. Do judge yourself like the rest of the world does.

27. Break others’ expectations

You can’t always fulfil others’ expectations. You need to breathe and step out of norms to feel better. So sometimes, don’t hesitate to let people down.

28. Say exactly what you want to

Get your message straight. Express the exact feelings you have. That reduces a lot of additional drama in life. No need to hesitate to say what you believe in.

29. Speak up when you’re hurt

Hiding pains suffocates you, until you trap yourself in darkness. Don’t let that happen. Speak up whenever you’re upset, and prevent your sufferings from piling up.

30. Do a little task you want to

Call your best friend, read a book, buy a thing – I don’t know. But if you’ve been thinking about doing something since a while, do it.

31. Do away with following conventions

If a typical job or way of living makes you feel like a slave, then there’s no need to follow it. You don’t need to do what doesn’t make sense to you. You’re already free – you can be unconventional, too.

32. Be childlike and careless

You don’t live to your fullest when you feel like “the world’s watching.” It hinders your freedom and happiness. So get rid of your fake reputation and be who you are, unapologetically.

33. Stick to your values

Doing what’s against your morals makes you hate yourself. Soon, you feel guilty, and doubt your own dignity. Avoid that agony by deciding some principles and abiding to them.

34. Accept all the excuses you’ve been making

Admit that you made some excuses, for whatever reason – that would be enough. “I have no time,” “this happened … because that happened,” “Only if … then.” If you know it in your heart that you were making excuses, what’s the point in defending them, right?

35. Consider making better financial decisions

Give a thought to saving, investment, or a new income stream. Keeping a track of expenses helps, too. Overall, put effort in fixing the finances in some way for the long-term.

36. Learn any skill you feel can contribute to your growth

Understanding certain software can ease your work. Body language ideas can help you communicate better. Playing music can make you feel good. Choose a skill you want to learn and get started with it.

37. Organize whatever you can

Organize your belongings, furniture, computer folders, books on desk – or anything that usually wastes your time and causes unnecessary hassle. It’ll be worth it.

38. Focus on the quality of your rest

Doesn’t matter whether you’re napping to relax, or getting an eight-hour sleep. Ensure that you’re doing it right, otherwise it serves no purpose.

39. Be darn honest

Whether you’re doing business or talking to a friend – be honest. No deception, no tricks. Do your thing and let others do what they want to. Don’t allow others to deceive you, either.

40. Express a regard for your existing relationships

Tell people about the impact they’ve made in your life. Compliment them, if you appreciate what they’re doing. Thank them if they’ve been really kind. It’ll nurture your existing relationships.

41. Step by step, kill your fears

Step on the stage even when you’re nervous. Take a stand when someone’s being unjust to you. Do something you fear, for the sake of overcoming fear itself. You won’t feel like a coward after that.

42. Shake up your schedule

A monotonous life is boring, when all days look alike. Spend your days differently than usual. Change your sleep cycle, do different activities, eat different food – simply change something.

43. Keep your ego aside

The next time you get involved in a debate or hot discussion, let the other person think he or she is smarter. Don’t oppose. Agree and nod. Does that feel indifferent? Try it to melt your own ego.

44. Choose an art-form to express yourself

Doesn’t matter whether you sing, or dance, or write, or sketch, or paint. Do it for yourself, not for others. Create a bridge between art and your emotions, and express as much as you can.

45. Give up excessive materialism

If you’re stuck in a rut of buying more stuff and impressing people, then you may be only deluding yourself. That’s not the way to happiness or wisdom, or anything significant, in that case.

46. Be a little kinder than you usually are

Don’t lose your calm during a quarrel, be easy with your temper, mind your anger – and avoid any hard feelings. It’s may not be easy, but start somewhere.

47. Contemplate the criticism you get

Don’t get angry when people criticize you, and give their words a thought. Don’t take it too personally. Use the criticism as a feedback to improve yourself, and thrash it if it doesn’t make any sense.

48. Rely on your instincts

When in doubt, follow your feelings. Let your heart decide first. You can weigh and calculate your decisions rationally after that.

49. Cling to some hobby, dream, or passion

You decide what it’s going to be, but choose what makes your heart chuckle. Put effort in creating new stuff or doing great work. In the long run, it’s your work that changes you as a person.

What else can make your life better?

Be as curious as a child.

Look around yourself and gather enough reasons to smile. Be willing to grow from wherever you are. Seek opportunities to improve yourself.

As you go on connecting these bits to one another, you see your life unfold and find what really matters to you. You live a life that feels great to you.