A Big Lie I Believed About Success

A Big Lie I Believed About Success

I used to believe that success can be achieved alone. That almost never happens. You always need some great people you can grow with.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I reflect on my life and I wish I could correct those mistakes. Perhaps I could’ve avoided some. Anyway, I’m fine with it.

I can’t say when and how I got used to this habit of making mistakes. It has taught me some of the greatest lessons in life and now I’ve got used to it.

Though, there’s one mistake I frequently made

I believed a lie about success.

The good part is that I realized it before messing up my life. The biggest lie I used to believe about success was that it can be achieved alone.

Does it sound ordinary to you? Maybe, but it was realization of a huge mistake to me. And a new step towards betterment.

I was filled with thoughts like “Why the heck do I need to depend on others? What difference does their support make? I’m enough.”

That mindset was awful.

Why I was wrong

Deep within us there’s a stubborn part that resists newness and doesn’t allow us to change.

The stubborn part of mine was rather strong. I’m guilty of being somewhat a self-centred paranoid. I thought I barely needed anyone else to achieve success.

But I’ve changed over time. Most of the time, it were the people around me who did it. They made me peek within my heart and allowed me to find my flaws.

In short, you can start your journey to success alone, but cannot reach the destination alone. We try doing everything alone. This gets us in trouble. We conclude that others have nothing to do with our work.


People hesitate to ask for help due to their false presumptions.

The prideful don’t ask for help as it hurts their ego. The humble don’t ask for help as they avoid troubling others. Both of these approaches are incorrect.

If you manage to ask for help instead of making assumptions, you’ll be surprised to know how willing others are to help you. All great people are always ready to lend a hand. They’ve been through struggles and understand the value of moral support.

Asking for help doesn’t make you timid. Also, asking for help isn’t like financial transactions in which you’re always obliged to return something. The contribution of a good company in success is undeniable.

What makes people great aren’t their successes or the things they own, but what they are. Their greatness comes from within. The company of great people alone can transform the way you deal with life.

So if you’ve got some heroes in your life then learn as much you can from them. Even the tiniest thing you grasp could be invaluable.

If you think that most of the achievers are totally self-reliable and barely depend on others, you’re wrong.

The foundations for largest successes are laid with other’s support. Which means, you always need people to back up your relentless efforts.

People are your greatest strength. They’re a shield that protects your vulnerable dreams and acts like an army when your hopes turn fragile. Value and respect that people who have stood by your side.

You work tirelessly for success and experiment with everything that might get your passion the value it deserves. The fun thing about passion is that it grows ceaselessly once it’s started. And once it grows, it barely goes unnoticed.

Soon, people start noticing your work. They relate themselves to it. This builds a mutual trust between you and those who adore your work. Slowly these people form an emotional bond between you and make your dreams theirs.

This is when your dreams don’t just stay yours but also become that of others. Your dreams are fuelled by your hard work and their selfless support.

This is the stage that you should be proud of – when your wins not only matter to you but make others’ happy as well. It shows that you’re contributing something meaningful to the world. You can call it a success.