When You Think Your Work Doesn’t Matter

It’s common to cynically question whether the work that you do really counts. We’re all curiously figuring the value that we add to the real world.

And while we analyze how effective we’ve been at our work, or wonder whether the hours that we’ve invested have been worth it – we’re faced with an uncertain doubt like “has all of this even been worth it?”

Questions creep in.

What if nobody gives a damn about the PPTs that you slog for? It’s easy to assume that life’s slipping away while you’re drudging in your corner.

But you might overlook your contribution or how you’re fulfilling your duties. That’s what runs families and keeps society going.

You can also question what’s not your job but you love doing – like a hobby without a monetary benefit. Still, it can be immensely rewarding emotionally.

As for the dissatisfaction with mediocre work – you can treat that as a learning experience until you move and do better stuff.

The point being this

We can curse our work and think that we’ve already wasted enough time doing okayish stuff. But finding meaning makes it easier to hold on and enliven the fading spark.

“Meaning” here implies being able to bring food to the table, easing somebody else’s weekend, or adding to outcomes that create more opportunities in this world.

It isn’t fancy or exciting maybe, but it matters.