8 Major Reasons Why You Doubt Your Dreams

Why You Doubt Your Dreams

“I’ve met enough unsure, diffident people. They fear to take their first step and remain doubtful. Yet, the question remains – why?”

Now, I’m not saying that every person needs to be hell-bent on doing something big. It’s completely fine to want to live an ordinary life.

But what about those who dream?

I mean, why do the ones who wish to execute their ideas, want to pursue a specific career, or hope to check off their bucket list hold themselves back? There are probably several reasons.

Most of it may have something to do with their insecurities, priorities or the problems they’re dealing with – yet, I wonder why they don’t act when they’re free to do so.

After pondering on this topic for a while and focusing on the bigger picture, I’ve concluded that these are the following reasons why people doubt their dreams.

Here are the reasons why you doubt your dreams

1. You haven’t started

It’s hard to convince yourself that you can go on when you haven’t even stepped beyond the starting line. Things need to begin somewhere.

Unless you take your first step, no matter how small, you’ll remain insecure. Your first job is to get the ball rolling.

2. You haven’t worked hard

You can’t lie to yourself – so your doubts naturally take over when you know you aren’t doing much to accomplish your dreams.

Ask yourself whether you’re doing enough. If you can honestly answer it with an affirmative and have been working hard, then your doubts eventually fade away.

3. You’re deviated by external influence

Maybe your father ridicules your choices and your friends laugh at your decisions – they may be right or wrong.

Though, your job is to arrive at a sensible conclusion after enough self-reflection. Once you’ve made a decision, stand on your feet.

4. You can’t imagine the whole picture

This isn’t even a problem, as most people don’t know what they’re doing either – and you’re similar.

It’s alright to be a bit confused about what you’re doing, but as you ascend from one step to another, you gain the clarity you lack.

5. You’re grabbed by your insecurities

It’s tough to be confident when you aren’t sure about how circumstances may turn out. Quite obvious, too.

Still, you need to understand that you can’t keep sitting at the shore forever. There has to be a point beyond which you choose courage, prepare yourself, and wave goodbye to your inner-demon.

6. Your fear failure

Somehow, we all don’t wish to be seen as losers, and that’s one serious reason why we hold ourselves back.

Still, you need to recognize that failure is just one of the outcomes that can’t be prevented. It’s simple – you fall, you rise, you go on anyhow.

But if you don’t wish to bear the unpleasant outcomes, you delay your plans to save your face. The cure for this is to treat failure as something ordinary instead of shunning it.

7. You lack a relevant experience

Situations are easier to handle when you’ve been through them. But if you’re new in the arena of your chosen passion or dream, then you’d feel lost.

Due to this, you constantly doubt yourself and question your abilities. However, what you need to recognize is that it’s just a matter of time and a bit of hard work, after which you’d start getting the desired results.

8. You’re unsure about the future

This is when all sorts of negative thoughts entrap you. You don’t know where your chosen road leads. You don’t have an exact plan you can trust.

It’s like you just trusted your gut and started following it. So you feel overwhelmed, and yet, keep hoping for the best.

Well, what you need to know during such time is that regardless of what the overall outcome is, you’ll finally find out where you belong. You’ll learn your lessons and move on.

That’s all there is to it

Go take a leap if you wish. Or build a bridge.

Everything is scary. Everything is overwhelming.

But while you’re reading this, make up your mind to surpass your doubts. You’re supposed to be magnificent, so be. Following your passion is a long, long process. In the meanwhile, try starting small.