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No More Excuses

He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else

– Benjamin Franklin

While I wrote the quote above, it made me think for a while.

The post for about excuses was already on my writing list, but somewhere it made me reflect on myself. It aroused a guilt within me of being a lazy delayer. Because, I often make excuses. However, we’re all similar to some extent when it comes to excuses.

We easily find excuses to not do, than to do.

Excuses are always available in a plenty. You just have to pick up one which would sound reasonable and say it. Now its a different thing whether others believe it or not.

But who do these excuses harm? They harm the one who takes their refuge.

  • Each day we say “maybe tomorrow,” without even thinking that there are only 365 days in a year, which pass too quickly.
  • The tasks which are ought to be done by us lie in a corner of our busy schedule.
  • We wait till we become perfect at something or for correct time to come and find a reason to not act.
  • We explain the reasons to others and convince them about our helplessness, when we actually know the truth in our heart.
  • We cannot tackle something at times, so we find other things to do instead of the one which remains an awaited priority.
  • We find time for all other things, but say that we cannot manage to set aside some of it for what we desire, or are meant to do.

But it later it seems difficult to accept the excuses of the past.

It becomes almost intolerable to know that we’ve already wasted a lot of time. The excuses of our past bother us by reminding us that we had failed to take a stand for ourselves once, and could have done something better.

We blame ourselves for not having acted responsibly. However, now is not the time to regret or allow your guilt to kill you.

There are still a lot of things you can do, and you have innumerable opportunities to lay your hands on. So now it is the time to stop sobbing and make firm decisions.

Excuses? No, they won’t exist anymore if you kill them with your work. You become wise after knowing the pain of falling on your face and become willing to do something.Can you recall the last time you made excuses?

You might have reminded yourself of your duties, maybe even talked to yourself and left alone the work after taking a deep breath, or might have felt helpless.

But in your heart you know it all. Why you don’t do, why you delay, and also what you should do. You already know all the answers. If you prepare yourself to face your imperfection, show a bit of courage, and act without letting anything stop you, you can win over your excuses.

Take tiny steps. Here are a few steps you can take.

  • Find excuses to do something instead of finding excuses to avoid it.
  • Be a little bit more responsible and take a stand for yourself.
  • Quit your love for excuses and let your work be much dearer.
  • Reflect on your words before talk to someone about your work, are you justifying your excuses or are you explaining your helplessness? It’s better to admit your faults and move on.
  • Do things slowly and consistently until you have the satisfaction of being fair on your side. Go on increasing you pace after that.
  • After you’ll have done it all, wear a smile on your face and celebrate. When you’ll have done all this, it will feel nothing less than great. So go ahead and surprise yourself with the good you can do to yourself by quitting the habit of making excuses.

It is time to let the excuses slip away, and get a grip on your work. You are always capable of doing it, if you are willing to do it.

Conclusion No more excuses quote - Vishal Ostwal

Work as hard as you can and act responsibly towards your goals. With every excuse you make, yo  u get dragged away from the best that you can do.

If you’ve made excuses in the past, then admit your mistakes and move on. You are always capable of doing what’s right for you.

So start right now. From this moment.



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