On Inspiring Stuff

Inspiring Stuff

“The inspiring stuff that fills up the blank and boring spaces, it’s essential. Though, it often gets left behind in the background. I hope we acknowledge that more.”

Whatever gives me goosebumps, shakes me up, shows me new perspectives, and fractures my ignorance, is dear to me. My life, somehow, belongs to what inspires me.

Each time I find something beautiful I look at the world with new eyes. And that sort of molds me – because I can see it, feel it. At one moment I’m crying and the other moment I’m chuckling. Sometimes I’m staring at the wall, talking to myself.

Something happens.

I feel grateful for art and its creators. The inventors and makers who make me feel like the world’s a good place to be in. That it’s a blessing to be alive. Man, it’s great. It’s lovely.

Deep within my heart, I hope we care more about that

Because what isn’t appreciated enough, fades away. I don’t want goodness to fade. I’m still seeking. And I’m hungry. Hungry for whatever can make me cry, laugh, or brush me with its charm.

The last year, for me, was the year of goosebumps – because I met some of the best people who were in love with their work. The kind of people who have fireflies in their eyes. They brought dreams to the table. Their words had magic.

You know, the kind of brilliance that makes you want to be more than what you are. It’s the dearest to me. Maybe that’s what we call ‘inspiration’ – but that one word doesn’t do justice to the feelings because the attached emotions are so, so great.

And we’re all capable

I believe we’re all capable of creating greatness in our own small ways.

Maybe we wouldn’t change the whole world, and that’s fine. But we all play a part in ending its monotony. Each day we live, every instance when we work, is a chance to wreck the ordinariness and set a benchmark.

I hope to spill some rainbows, too – and I’m trying. Through writing and creating and whatever I do. Trying is what we can do, right? Meanwhile, we can remain curious and share more. We can keep reminding ourselves what we’re capable of.