Writing a List of Lessons

What if you wrote down some lessons based on your experiences?

I took this idea seriously about two years ago. I bought a journal and committed to writing life lessons based on whatever I was learning.

Initially, I wrote a bunch of lessons. On certain days, I distilled what mattered the most to me and jotted new lessons. It went on until I had written about 243 lines.

I stopped after that because I realized that a lot of what I was experiencing had become repetitive. But I had already gathered what I was really seeking by that time.

So, I moved on.

Revisiting those lessons

Now that I look at what I had written, I realize how those nuggets of thoughts laid down my own principles and philosophy in front of me.

Those lessons (or kind of meditations) were meant to create foundational ideas about the kind of person I wanted to become and to keep me moving forward. Today I read all of them again.

I’ve shared the ones that I really, really believe in after these images.

Here are the lessons that I genuinely believe in:

  1. Respect the process more than the result
  2. Time heals
  3. Take the initiative; don’t wait for instructions
  4. Don’t mention a problem without a solution
  5. Be vulnerable to some
  6. Doing little beats planning forever
  7. Start – you need not know everything
  8. Say yes first and learn later
  9. There’s no big leap, only tiny steps
  10. Think; don’t Google
  11. Find out instead of saying ‘I don’t know’
  12. Rescue yourself; don’t play the victim
  13. Don’t make assumptions; listen
  14. Serve without expectations (actually)
  15. Don’t be perfect; show up
  16. Never take your blessings for granted
  17. Contribute
  18. Going the extra mile pays-off
  19. Don’t cling
  20. The moment I start, I’m “in” again
  21. A few people are enough
  22. Create more
  23. Do the small stuff right for bigger opportunities
  24. Ask
  25. Take a break: think about the life you want
  26. You only remember the lessons you teach yourself
  27. To be confident, do what bothers you
  28. Make time for what makes you restless
  29. Things need not be complicated to be right
  30. Perseverance leads to answers
  31. Stop distracting yourself with work
  32. Don’t pretend to please the world
  33. Family first
  34. Get the ball rolling
  35. Stick to it longer
  36. Cutting corners isn’t worth it
  37. Choose collaboration over competition
  38. Show up
  39. Mix consistent efforts with honest intentions
  40. Stand your ground

Well, that’s sort of aspirational

If I start again, I might write these same lessons in my journal. I’m still working on them, getting closer to becoming who I once wanted to be.

An exercise like this is worth it.